Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eclipse Feb 20, 2008

Did anyone catch that lunar eclipse last night?

Laura and I took a few shots of it, but our streetlight isn't the best thing to have around for astronomy but here's one I liked showing what you don't see with the naked eye. The eclipsed side glows amber when exposed for a long time.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Catching up....

Paul and I just got back from a long-overdue vacation in Puerto Rico, and we'd like to thank everyone for being patient with us while we were away. We were able to check email from time to time, but only with our phones, so that kind of limited our responses... I think we've gotten back to everyone now, but if you have emailed or called and haven't heard back, please email us today ( - we normally try to respond to all emails/calls within 24 hours....

So back tracking a little bit here - I thought we'd share a shot of our "Dream Team" from our Cancun wedding. Working away from home can be a challenge, but with the other vendors we got to work with - it was a breeze!

We took this great night shot after Tony & Michelle's fabulous rehearsal/cocktail party. From the left, we have Drew from Tangerine Media Group - who has already put together an amazing trailer (see link below), next we have Linda from I Do Wedding Consultants who did a fantastic job assisting the one and only Mark from Queen Hearts Wedding Consultants, sitting next to Paul and I at the end.

We truly want to thank Mark for making this destination wedding go off without a hitch! He pulled together a group of vendors that were able to work together seemlessly, have fun and compliment each other's styles - we had a blast!

More posts to come soon! We've got quite a few images to get through!!!

Talk soon!

PS - Here is the link to Tangerine's video trailer - great work! I honestly got chills watching this!