Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Macbook Pro turns 1

Just a quick lil tip on how to keep that laptop looking like new. I've had my Macbook pro for a year next month and to this day I cannot tell that it didn't just come out of the box.

Almost all laptops I've seen like to imprint little shadows of the keys on the screen. So I took a sheet of that squishy plastic stuff that LCD monitors come wrapped in and made a cover for my keyboard. If you just make sure that you use it each time you close the cover, you'll never get that nasty screen.

Chromie mods

As requested by the OSP folks I'm gonna show everyone how I modified our hard plastic Lightsphere II to use the chromedome. Before I get started I should add that I have not tested this extensively yet, nor should you do this to your own lightsphere unless you can accept the fact that you might crack it and destroy it. I'm always bending, cutting, welding, and taking things apart that I shouldn't, so use your own judgement.

the lightsphere starts its life off like this.

I popped the clip on top off and went to work with a grinder (couldn't find my dremel) and ended up with this

It doesn't have to be smooth, just close to even. Then you take your Chromedome and apply about 4 blobs of hot glue to 4 equidistant parts.

Once you mash it onto the hacked up lightsphere put a heavy book on it for an hour or two and you're all done.

I like to gaffers tape my flash heads on since they like to come off at the most inappropriate times.

So there you have it.. a modded chromedome/lightsphere combo.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Heat wave??

Yesterday we experienced a 70˚ day... seriously it was 70˚ in January, in NJ!! :)

So being photographers and with such a nice day free, we decided a road trip was in order. I just traded my car in last month, so we want to take small trips with the new one to see if it will be reliable for a longer trip (possibly to Las Vegas) maybe.....

Friends of ours have brought us back some great wine from a Trader Joes up in Westfield and had told us what a cool little town it is for a walk around. We punched it into the navigation and it told us 45 mins, so off we went.

If you're lucky enough to have a Trader Joe's nearby and are not like us in NJ where only the one in Westfield sells alcohol, we highly suggest you give some two buck chuck a try.

I even had a rare sighting of a Laura without a camera attached to it.. was a really rare find!

I think this poor little dog was dressed for a real day in January.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Catching up

Phew.. what a busy and hectic time the holidays are.

Laura and I just did a great New Year's Eve wedding for Lisa and Stephen and had a blast! It was my 1st time doing a new year's wedding with Laura and I'm glad I did.

It totally took the pressure off of us trying to come up with some good plans for our evening. So spending it at a wedding and capturing some great moments as the hour struck was awesome... way better than anything I could have planned.

Here's one of Laura off in the corner making a slideshow for the couple.

And click here to view their slideshow