Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Day!

But its not the good kind of snow-day - its Sunday, and I had to postpone two engagement sessions due to the 12 inches of snow that dumped over the Northeast! Not happy!

I was really considering heading out, but my husband brought me to my senses - "Honey, you have an SUV, not a tank!" Its a shame, I was really looking forward to shooting a nice little snowball fight!

So, this gave me a day to work on my website (which was in desperate need of revision!). I'm about half done, but the most important things like updated links and integrating my new logo are finished. Also, couples will now be able to link directly to their images through my website - you can check it out at:

Since I'm snowed in I guess I have no excuse but to keeping plugging away at the site! Feel free to post comments about my site - I love feedback!



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