Monday, May 28, 2007

Monica and Drew - May 26th, 2007

Sorry about not posting more/sooner - we've had non-stop shoots over the last few weeks, and this is the first chance we've had to come up for air! We are so lucky to have such great couples and opportunities, so trust me, we are NOT complaining about being busy! We love this!

I've back dated this post a bit so it keeps the events in sequence.

Monica and Drew had an excellent day! The weather was just perfect for a center city wedding. Philadelphia had some Memorial day weekend traffic but this didn't slow anyone down at all. We went from the Doubletree Hotel, to the Art Museum, to the church, and then back to the Doubletree.

Monica and Drew had an awesome large family, everyone was extremely friendly and one of them was even a fellow photographer. Was great meeting you Peter, keep in touch!

Here's a few shots from the day.


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