Friday, December 19, 2008

Linda & Jeremy - Engagement

Some people might think that "blog" is short for "weblog" - not so, its short for "backlog." Ok, ok - its not, but we've been concentrating on getting caught up with editing weddings and engagement sessions, so the blog kind of moves down on the list of priorities! But we are taking a short break from editing to update it now!!

We've gotten really used to shooting a lot in the city, so it was nice to change things up a bit with a more "country" setting. Cross Creek Park was beautiful in October, and it was a place that Linda and Jeremy have spent time together in the past. We love to explore new places, and we were amazed that we had never heard of this beautiful park, and it was only 30 minutes from where we live!

Linda & Jeremy are planning an October 2009 wedding, so I was so excited to get these vibrant colors in their engagement pictures to match their Fall wedding!

We can't wait to Linda & Jeremy's wedding, and they were nice enough to refer us to Linda's cousin Elizabeth too! (And we'll posting a few images from their NYC session shortly!).

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