Monday, November 27, 2006

Why I don't pay my husband!

As I mentioned earlier, Paul has started doing weddings with me. Its been great, but there have been a few issues/adjustments...

Like, what he gets paid. Honestly I think he gets great pay - love, attention, time with me, etc..... :)

But he was thinking something slightly different...

So as we were doing an engagement session with this great couple, Jenny and Gino, the topic came up. We were discussing with them what a "fair rate" would be - and they of course took my side! As we were shooting, I asked the couple to look at my camera instead of my husband's, and Paul (jokingly!) said - "Yea, I don't have any film in my camera anyway!" And Gino says (with perfect comic timing!) "THAT is why she doesn't pay you!!!"

:) Laura


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