Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kaylin and Joe Engagement Session

Sorry - this post is soooo long overdue! Preparation for the party has taken up tons more time than I anticipated (but thats ok, cause that means the party will be that much better!) - but things are settling down a bit - so now its time to catch up on the blog!

When we first met Kaylin and Joe, they told us all about how they met in high school - and I knew immediately that I wanted to do a session with them there! How cool is that? High-school-sweethearts!!

So we headed to their old school and took these fun shots! I really wanted to be able to get inside (I could just visualize all these cute shots involving desks and chalkboards!), but since it was a weekend, we couldn't get in... so went for some "under the bleachers" shots instead ;)

Kaylin and Joe were awesome despite the temperature being about 1000 degrees! We were all sweating to death, but they still managed to look super cool in these pix....

Thanks so much for sharing the day with us!

Laura (& Paul!)


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