Monday, March 26, 2007

The drive to Vegas!

On Sunday afternoon Melissa took Laura and I to LA's airport to pick up our rental car for the drive to Las Vegas. We had expected the worst, but were pleasantly surprised that Hertz gave us a brand new Ford Focus. So we packed it up with all our gear and luggage and hit the road just after 2pm.

Everyone had told us that the drive would be long and boring but we still wanted to see the new landscape and desert. As this was a 1st for us we were very excited and had the camera ready.

After about 20 of these we just stopped snapping them

This one I just had to have.. I spent the 1st 5 years of my life traveling Europe in one this exact color.

We finally got to Vegas just before night fall and checked into the Paris Hotel. Since this was our first Vegas trip we were amazed at the amount of effort they put into recreating atmosphere. From a fake Eiffel tower, to the fake French signs that are all in English with just a Le added to it.

Once we got all settled in we met up with some Pictage folks and headed over to Sara France's party at the Bellagio

We had so much fun being surrounded by a ton of photographers, everyone we met was extremely nice and welcoming. They even had an airbrush tattoo artist that got Laura and I marked up!


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