Sunday, March 25, 2007

A sandwich that bites

Today Melissa, her brother Josh, and his wife Allison took us up to Santa Barbara for a day trip. The car ride was another long one but well worth the wait once we got there. Santa Barbara is a beautiful place to walk around and wait for your women as they go into all the little stores on State street. Josh and Allison have a 4 month old pug puppy that we didn't want to leave alone all day so he came along for the trip. He was a hit on the streets.. everyone who passed had to pet him. His name is "Hoagie" as a pun on that west coasters have no idea thats a sandwich to us easterners. So here's me getting bit by a sandwich on the way up there.

The day was a bit overcast and since it was really hazy we didn't take many pics and just relaxed.

Once we got back to home base in Marina Del Ray, Melissa took us to an awesome BBQ place her friends Ricky and Danny own in Venice. Laura just loved the BBQ sauce.

Here's a shot of Melissa with Ricky and Danny of Baby Blues BBQ, if you're ever in Venice, CA check em out on Lincoln Bvld.


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