Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rittenhouse Square round 2!

Laura and I did another engagement shoot here on probably one of the best nights. We actually caught them putting up the Christmas tree and lights which for me was a new experience. Just ask Sofia when we were in NYC for Photoplus I had told her we were gonna go look at the tree in Rockefeller center before it was decorated... Really I had no idea it wasn't a real planted tree! Laura soon told me I'm not SMRT and that they bring a real tree in for the holidays.

After we went for some food and met Laura's friend Joy Moody another talented photog with a mean cat. Must be a trend going on around here, we have one too! No its not Steve.. he's pretty awesome! Evil incarnate goes by the name of Moggy I'l try and get a pic to prove it later.


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